The Studio



EricaStudio-1Strip Waxing Studio was founded in September 2010 by aesthetician Erica Steel. The idea came about after realizing hair removal was too much of an important service to not have a salon dedicated just to waxing. I am committed to providing efficient services while minimizing discomfort. Strip Waxing Studio uses a variety of high quality, low temperature wax. I carefully select a wax that is best for your skin type and waxing needs. I offer additional services that will protect and hydrate your skin after your waxing treatment. I also provide you with the knowledge you need for optimal results. Please visit my “Truth About Waxing” page to learn more about what you can do to make your service more comfortable.

Waxologist/Owner – Erica Steel

After spending most of my career in the airline industry I realized a change was in order. After a handful of trips to Southwest Institute of Natural Aesthetics as a client, I decided a career in skin care was the path I wanted to travel. I enrolled the following month to begin my journey in the aesthetic world. Ironically while learning how to wax in class, I had a negative image of waxing because it was too messy and painful. However, like most people, I got addicted to the smooth, hairless feeling and not having to shave every morning. I continued with it and quickly realized how much I misunderstood waxing. I saw potential with waxing services and started studying different techniques to improve the negative image of waxing. I became dedicated to minimizing pain, reducing irritation and making the overall experience as comfortable as possible. I have my client’s best interest in mind while I continue to educate myself to improving your service.